For many people, eating a mango is not just about enjoying the taste, but it is also a pleasurable and relaxing experience…. Have you ever eaten a mango and wondered why it makes you so happy? Let's delve into the nutritional benefits of mango and explore whether or not the compound, linalool, is responsible for the joy it brings. 


Mango is a rich source of vitamin C and linalool, both of which can enhance and prolong feelings of happiness. Vitamin C has numerous benefits for the body, such as relieving cold symptoms, boosting the immune system, and even helping to alleviate anxiety. Additionally, the flesh of the mango contains linalool, a natural organic compound known to have calming effects, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. Linalool not only works directly on the body, but it can also interact with other terpenes to enhance its effects.


The abundance of linalool in mango flesh can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, making it easier and quicker for other chemicals to pass through the barrier and take effect faster. If you want to experience the joyful effects of mango, try eating a chilled mango in the summer, it will surely bring you feelings of pleasure and relaxation.